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“We believe that family companies deserve a Prize for their resilience, passion and engagement” Matthieu Perrin, the president

The Prize

The Primum Familiae Vini, an association of twelve European families who are producers in the continent’s greatest wine regions, have announced the launch of The PFV Prize, an annual award of €100,000 to a family company in any area of enterprise that can present a new initiative or development project that demonstrates excellence in sustainability, innovation, craftsmanship and the successful transmission of responsibility and commitment from one generation to the next.

The PFV Prize consists of two parts

  • 1) A Financial grant of €100,000.
  • 2) Contact with various members of the PFV so that they can share their multi-generational experience and know-how in guiding their family companies through the generations

The process


June 22nd, 2021
application period
October 30th, 2021
January, 2022
the winner

the winner of the PFV Prize will be invited by the families in the following months during an award ceremony

Kindly see the rules for nomination before downloading the application form

The candidate must :

  • Be legally incorporated as a business.
  • Be entirely owned by one family.
  • Have (or had) the involvement in the day to day management of the business of at least two generations of the same family.
  • Be able to demonstrate manifest intent to continue the family business, combined with evidence of the transmission of know-how and experience to younger family members.
  • Present a development project (new or underway) that demonstrates sustainability, innovation and original thinking, proving that family business can be a powerful tool to respond to the social and environmental challenges of our time.
  • Have a reputation for excellence in their chosen field.
  • Have a proven record of ethical behaviour with care for their local community and for the environment.
  • Give evidence of sound financial history and performance enough to support continuity and future development.
  • Be able to prove that the production process of their family company is not harmful to the environment or to the community.
  • The decisions of the PFV Jury are final and there can be no appeal.
  • Applications are open to family companies without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age and the PFV Jury will judge with complete impartiality, holding all these values as self-evident.
Brun de Vian-Tiran - France

An eight-generation family business manufacturing fine cloth in Lisle sur Sorgue,Provence, since 1808 and currently managed by father and son Pierre and Jean-Louis Brun. They use traditional production methods and are noted for working with local shepherds to encourage them to use historic breeds of sheepand to revive the French woollen industry. The family also work with Mongolian herders in the Gobi Desert to discourage over-pasturing and to add value to their camel wool.
Tsutsumi - Japan

A four-generation family businessfounded in 1909 in Kyoto that is fighting to revive the ancient Japanese tradition of lacquer use for tableware and artwork. The family has innovated by creating a UV-resistant lacquer from the urushi tree and Takauya Tsutsumiof the current generation, has worked with a renowned Australian surfboard maker to create elegant lacquer-coated wooden surfboards like those used by ancient Hawaiians. Projects such as this challenge accepted norms and the throw-away culture of plastics. Their lacquer has been used to restore important national shrines such as Nikko Toshogu.

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Columbia Restaurant - USA

A five-generation family business founded in 1903 by Cuban immigrants to feed workers in the hundreds of nearby cigar factories. The family reflect the best of the American dream with new arrivals working from nothing to create a successful legacy. They own Florida’s oldest restaurant and the 10th oldest in the USA still owned by the founding family, and now have six other Columbia locations plus five other restaurant brands. Multiple family members continue to work in the business, and they have a strong tradition of supporting local charities.
Giulio Giannini e Figlio – Italy

A bookbinding and hand decorated paper business founded in the Piazza Pitti,Florence, in 1856 who remain in their original location andshop. This family company is currently headed by GuidoGiannini and 6th generation Maria Giannini. They continue to decorate fine leather and parchment and the family were instrumental in creating the famous Florentine style in the 19th century. They have created a digital archive to reflect their centuries of work and to inspire new collections and applications in other sectors. The survival of such artisans for over 165 years is a testament to family craftsmanship.
Busatti – Italy

In 1842 the Busatti family took back their Palazzo Morgalanti in the village of Anghiari in Tuscany which had been occupied by Napoleon’s troops and used by them to make uniforms for the French army. The familydecided to continue making textiles and have done so for 8 generations and are now the producers of some of Italy’s finest fabrics. The family are highly environmentally conscious and have started to use seaweed to make fabric as other materials require huge quantities of water in the production process, and they are strong supporters of their local community.

Embargoed till April 4th

The Primum Familiae Vini are pleased to announce that the jury formed of one member of each of its twelve wine-making families has selected an independent eight-generation family-owned silk and wool manufacturer in France – Brun de Vian-Tiran - as the winner of the €100,000 PFV Prize of 2022.

Brun de Vian-Tiran was founded on the river Sorgue in 1808 in Provence and managed to survive through wars, crisis and international competition for 8 generations. Pierre Brun - 7th generation - searched for the descendants of Spanish merino sheep imported by Louis XVI in 1786 and there are now 15 local flocks with the original merino’s genes producing fine wool for them. Pierre and son Jean-Louis continue to buy wool from local shepherds in the Arles and Alp regions, but they also travelled to Mongolia to find local herders who were producing baby camel wool on the edge of the Gobi Desert, resulting in additional income for the herders, and creating a shining example of sustainability and the continuation of an ancient way of life.

The twelve PFV families believe that through this prize they can use their long histories - and the fame of their wines – to encourage independent family-owned companies to continue their projects and to encourage product excellence, generational succession and social responsibility. These values are para- mount to the twelve winemaking PFV members.

Priscilla Incisa Della Rocchetta, President of the PFV, said:

‘It was hard to select the winner from amongst so many good applicants, but our jury were impressed by the Brun’s commitment to family continuity, to its local community and to the origin of its raw-materials. Today with 50 employees (factory, shop and museum combined ) and with some of their staff being in the fourth or fifth generation working with them, they are a great model for all family companies.’

The Jury

The twelve members of the PFV represent the distinctive voice and deep artisan roots of family companies who are committed to the absolute quality of their wines and all have a long history of dedication to their respective regions. The PFV aim to encourage other family companies to continue their independent development and to prove that a family business can be a powerful tool to respond to the social and environmental challenges of our time.

The Selection Jury for The PFV Short List and The PFV Prize will be one member of each of the twelve PFV wine families:

  • Matthieu Perrin - Famille Perrin, France - Founded 1909
  • Egon Müller - Egon Müller Scharzhof, Germany - Founded 1797
  • Alessia Antinori - Marchesi Antinori, Italy - Founded 1385
  • Prince Robert of Luxembourg - Domaine Clarence Dillon, France - Founded 1935
  • Priscilla Incisa Della Rochetta - Tenuta San Guido, Italy - Founded 1840
  • Fédéric Drouhin - Maison Joseph Drouhin, France - Founded 1880
  • Jean-Frédéric Hugel - Famille Hugel, France - Founded 1639
  • Miguel Torres Maczassek - Familia Torres, Spain - Founded 1870
  • Paul Symington - Symington Family Estates, Portugal - Founded 1882
  • Pablo Alvarez - Vega Sicilia, Spain - Founded 1864
  • Philippe Sereys de Rothschild - Baron Philippe de Rothschild, France - Founded 1853
  • Hubert de Billy - Champagne Pol Roger, France - Founded 1849
  • The PFV Selection Jury will be supported by Christophe Brunet, General Secretary of the PFV.
Matthieu Perrin
Egon Müller
Alessia Antinori
Robert of Luxembourg
Priscilla Incisa Della Rochetta
Fédéric Drouhin
Jean-Frédéric Hugel
Miguel Torres
Paul Symington
Pablo Alvarez
Philippe Sereys de Rothschild
Hubert de Billy

About the PFV

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